There is a saying that you should strive to make your work your passion . . . I am blessed to say it is! I have worked in the floral industry for more than 17 years, it began as a part time job in a little shop, answering phones and cleaning flowers!  I didn’t know very much back then but I did know that this business of flowers was something I quickly became addicted to! Where else could you work with the beauty of nature every single day while making people smile and being a part of their special moments in life? As time passed I learned everything I could and found that my passion lay in weddings. I loved it all . . . from the beginning stages of planning with the bride and getting to know them and their style to the ordering of the flowers and design of the bouquets and arrangements and finally, the wedding day. I love seeing it all come together and especially seeing the happy look on the Bride’s face that says  “it’s perfect!” There is nothing better!
When the opportunity arose for me to open my own studio I knew I couldn’t say no . . . for many years it had been my dream and now I had the opportunity to make it a reality! As I pondered over a name for my new business I kept thinking of my Mother and how she would have loved knowing her daughter was in a field that was so close to her heart. She was an avid gardener, president of our local garden club when I was growing up, and a creative floral designer in her own right. Her gardens of flowers and herbs were her delight. She named our home Thyme Hill and had a sign made to hang in our driveway entrance. So in honor of my Mom and her love of flowers I decided to name my business Thyme Hill Designs. I think Mom would be proud!
Sidnee L. Barrett
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